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Everyone deserves to live a life they love. Everyone. Every soul this side of Heaven has a deep desire to be loved, needed, accepted... and everyone wants a place to feel safe.
— Leslie Bellieu - Southwind Fields Co-Founder


mind. body. soul. home.

The vision of southwind fields is to provide fulfilling lives, for adults with disabilities, through service to others. we aim to provide a purpose driven culture, a sense of community, and a place to call home while impacting our city.

The upcoming Southwind Fields Tiny House Community (currently set for 2019) is phase III of the overall vision for Southwind Fields. The Southwind lifestyle is based on a philosophy we call "community strong". Alone, we are capable, but together, we are stronger. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live a life they love and to have a space where they feel safe and accepted.  We believe it is our calling and our duty to create such an environment while meeting the unmet needs of adults with disabilities within our state and country.  The upcoming Southwind Fields Tiny House Community is a residential program where our "Locals" will experience an all inclusive community of acceptance, growth, independence, and support, combined with a therapeutic and supportive atmosphere. 

He let loose the east wind from the heavens and by His power, made the south wind blow.
— Psalm 78:26


Throughout the Bible and many historical references, the South Wind was thought to bring peace, warmth, calm, and healing to the people and to the earth. The Southwind Fields lifestyle is meant to have the same effect, providing a place where our Locals can feel safe, peaceful, and at home.

your very own place to call home:

Each Local of Southwind Fields will be provided a comfortable, manageably sized tiny home (or a room in The Inn for locals needing more individualized supervision) to call their own.  Though these homes are rented by each Local individually, we encourage residents to bring furniture and items to decorate as they please.

Though each home will be fitted with A/C and a wet space for a sink and small refrigerator, campus kitchens will be created with purpose.  In addition to adding for higher levels of safety, a appropriately shared kitchen is intended to create a sense of community among our Locals.  Just like in any home, the kitchen is the heart of the house and where people gather to laugh, eat, relax, and enjoy each others company. In these moderately supervised spaces, our locals can enjoy cooking and breaking bread along side their neighbors and friends, if they chose to do so.  Locals who have passed a simple cooking and food handling course may prepare their own meals, if they like, and utilize the skills they learn in our life groups to assure a delicious, home cooked meal in a well cared for space. 

community impact INITIATIVE:

Our "Locals" are trailblazers in the San Antonio community and in the world.  Their primary focus is ministry work, coming along side local non-profits to truly make an impact in the lives of others.  Through partnerships with likeminded organizations, our Local Pathfinders participate in a variety of mission focused work, utilizing their own unique gifts, talents, and passions to find fulfillment through service.  

on-campus employment opportunities:

Just like any other community, it takes everyone working together to help make things go. Southwind Fields is intended to be a "self-sustaining" neighborhood where Locals have the opportunity to work along-side our staff in employment opportunities that make them feel fulfilled and valued within their own community. Each opportunity comes with all necessary training to make our Locals feel like rockstars at what they do (not to mention weekly team meetings & spiffy work "uniforms" to create a sense of team with their co-workers)!  Serving in these positions is not only rewarding, but fun! 

  • Serving, cooking, baking, prepping, bussing, scooping ice cream in the Southwind Cafe, stocked with local produce from the Southwind Farms garden. These employees will be not only trained, but versed in gluten-free, organic, and vegan/vegetarian options for locals with special dietary needs.

  • Stocking, cashiering, managing in the Southwind Market, stocked with healthy snack options and everything our locals need to prepare a home cooked meal, or occasionally indulge in something sweet.

  • Caring for our neighbors in the Southwind Clinic, working alongside staff nurses to make sure our locals are comfortable and loved when they are feeling unwell.

  • Planting, caring, harvesting, caring for the animals, selling produce and products in the Southwind Farms gardens and farmers market.

  • Creating, dreaming, painting, sculpting, making things beautiful in the Southwind Art Studios. Our Locals who love to be creative can create do just that in our entrepreneurial based Art Studios. Items created by our Locals can sold in our Southwind Market or at the Southwind Farmers Market outings in San Antonio.

  • Building, planning, working with your hands in the Southwind Woodworking team. This team will create items for beautification or usability around the campus, or can be sold at the Southwind Farmers Market outings in San Antonio.

  • Cleaning, beautifying, organizing on the Southwind Fields maintenance team. Maintenance team employees help keep the campus running smoothly. Locals who enjoy this type of work are responsible for working along side staff to make small repairs, check on the status of the tiny homes, and assuring that all areas of the campus are being well kept and cared for.

  • Planning, decorating, hosting in the Southwind Special Events Team. Employees on this team are responsible for working along side staff to prepare for welcoming any guests that may be coming onto campus or attend a Southwind Community event. Whether for a tour, a wedding, a town square Christmas tree lighting, or an outdoor movie night at our beautiful outdoor theater, the Special Events Team helps to plan, organize, set-up, greet, host, and tear down these events, while helping to make our guests feel loved and right at home.

life groups:

We recognize that preparing for independence is key to assuring success.  In our life groups, our Locals will experience sensory friendly, group approach, yet individually tailored opportunities to build and strengthen the skills they need to live comfortably and make an impact in their ministry of choice. 

Therapeutic lifestyle:

  • Eco friendly environment and lifestyle options

  • Beautiful chapel with weekly services and quiet time during the week to spend time with God

  • Relaxation and fun with music

  • Gentle yoga

  • Zumba

  • Time with animals

  • Outdoor spaces to spend time with family and friends

  • Commons areas to play games, basketball, shoot some pool, or just hang out

  • Doing what makes you happy!

 living. working. connecting.


sponsorship and fees:

  • $400 one-time registration fee

  • $4,000 monthly missionary sponsorship*

*Some extra fees to cover additional needs, in special situations, may apply.  These needs will be evaluated and addressed during intake. Scholarships and tuition assistance may be available for some locals, and will be evaluated upon complete disclosure of appropriate financial information and determination by the intake and finance committees. 

you can make your local missionary sponsorship payment here----->