Southwind City Locals


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The Southwind City Locals program is designed for men and women of a wide variety of abilities.  Whether living in their own place, or at home with a caregiver, a Southwind Local Advisor will come to them. Should City Local have the desire and necessary skill set to live semi-independently, within the community, we'll help make that happen.  If living at home is what's best for now, we'll help build skills to reach new levels of independence towards tailor made goals, through our “Homestead Locals” program. City Locals already living in the community, may stay in their current place of residence, should they chose to do so.  Those moving to the area, or who would like to relocate, may reside in an affordable Southwind partnership apartment complex located on the Northwest side of San Antonio, maintaining their own lease agreements, while enjoying the fellowship and community of living alongside other Southwind City Locals. City Locals receive basic case management services from our City Local Advisor, who will check in several times weekly to assess health & safety of the living environment, bus training (if appropriate), assistance with assuring bills are paid on time (if applicable), and the offer of assistance for financial management, communication with employer (if applicable), medical needs, personal care, independent living skills training, and weekly “family” events. Beginning in the Fall of 2019, City Locals will have the opportunity to attend the Southwind Local Hub, on a flexible schedule, should they desire to do so, where they may spend time hanging out with friends, participating in community impact team mission work, find meaningful employment, and attending Life Groups and Worship Gatherings.  



  • Non-refundable program application fee: $50

  • $250 registration due upon move-in (helps us cover the cost of gas and fees incurred during apartment search)

  • City Local Program Fee: $300/month (organic, locally sourced, meals will be available for purchase at the Southwind Local Hub Monday-Friday for $5.00/meal, in Spring 2019).

  • Rent (if applicable): Apartment application fees and deposits are determined by the apartment complex (typical cost is approximately $250). Monthly rent is determined by individual portion of total cost of rent for each apartment, based on income. (For Example - a $500 apartment, shared by 2 people, would carry a rent of $250/month plus 50% of utility costs.)

  • Missions team's t-shirt (day program related): $25

  • *Future transportation options will require an additional fee

you can make a program payment online here ---->