We believe that everyone deserves to have a life they love. People with intellectual disabilities often struggle with feeling excluded, marginalized, ignored, or unvalued.  We know that this is no one's personal truth.  Often times, services for people with special needs focus on singular benchmarks of success such as community based employment or behavioral modification for compliance in a group home or workshop setting, that can leave them feeling unfulfilled or like failures.  No one deserves to feel that way, for any reason. We feel strongly that every single person on the planet has a God given talent and uniqueness.  People with special needs are no different.  In fact, they often possess a genuine understanding of the beauty of life, that many of us will never know. Our programs are not about forcing a square peg into a round hole. We think it's awesome to be any shape you want to be and we'll help find what feels like the perfect fit.  The most successful people in the world are those who are spending their days using their unique gifting to do what they love while serving others. At Southwind Fields, we do not believe that our Pathfinders should have to conform to what the world deems as "successful" or "normal", but rather that they can show the world what it truly means to live.



It is our promise to you that your donation is a highly valued and appreciated contribution to the vision of Southwind Fields.  We are heavily committed to being good stewards of any gift you may offer.  Please note within your donation if you would like for funds to be allocated for a specific purpose.


Southwind Fields is a certified 501(c)3 organization, currently under the auspices of The Mercy Coalition. Any funds donated here will be used for the sole purpose of progress within Southwind Fields programing and will not be used for any other reason. ELN: 46-4197434


With more than 73,000 Texans with intellectual disabilities waiting to receive services, we aim to impact the number of these individuals  who are currently receiving no services at all during the day or otherwise. Many of these people are even living on the street.  By sponsoring a day program sponsorship, a Fields sponsorship, or partial sponsorship to either program, you are not just providing income for a Pathfinder in the mission field, or home for someone with an intellectual disability.  You are providing purpose, acceptance, love, dignity, meaningful work, and a supportive community unlike anything our city has ever known. 


Employment at Southwind Fields is based on three things:

  • Everyone is important and valued

  • Everyone is worthy of respect

  • It's not a job, it's a lifestyle

We believe in fair wage, fair trade, and fair treatment.  Our staff works for and along side our locals, never the other way around. It is our role to support, mentor, and nurture the lives of our locals. Employment opportunities at Southwind Fields are meant to be fulfilling, meaningful experiences that will stick with you the rest of you life.  It's never going to be a J-O-B, but it will be an experience unlike any other.