LET IT BE - By Jasmine N.

Life is hard struggles

depression and anxiety is what we feel when we feel alone.

Life is crooked, unperfect

nothing is meant to be perfect

We all feel alone in some way

All my life I felt broken and misunderstood for being me

My learning disability made me angry with the world

everyone in my life didn’t deserve the anger I showed them

I didn’t realize it made me angry until I got to know mysself

This will make me stronger and work harder in life

I tried to hide my real self, my beautiful self

For year I pushed people away because I didn’t want to be taken advantage of

like I did before in my life

I watch out for who I put in my life

not everyone is meant to be in your life

everyone is not meant to stay in your life

Realize that not everyone deserves what you offer

The people that try to hurt you or destroy you, in any way

They don’t deserve you

Don’t let them win

Let them go

Let it be

Don’t look back on what you thought was meant to be

When it was never meant to be in the first place

Let it be.